Poker Database

The poker database can be really a very significant part the system; to monitor and manage the day-to-day operation of a poker room it is essential. Consider that the poker database since essentially the frequent repository of dynamic data such as game records, currency transactions etc. and static data such as report, game properties etc., and it is widely employed by almost every sub-system. The gaming console uses Oracle database.

The poker database has the following salient features:

O The  bandarqq schema was created in order to keep it flexible, scalable and easy to keep up by keeping the information integrity, performance, normalization and simplicity in mind. O Every primary dining table in the machine has an corresponding log desk to keep track of the changes in the master data. O Indexes are chosen carefully to find the better recovery performance without breaking heavily on insertion operation. O Applications query/manipulate the data with stored procedures to retain the information access sterile and consistent across all of the modules of application, at precisely the same time centralizing all the business logic within the directory. O The Poker Database includes over 300 tables using over 600 stored procedures.

A few of the important tables at the Poker Database:

T_GAME_LIVE: It displays details regarding every match played on the internet site like game number, type of dining table, table , time, total rake etc..

T_PLAYER: It lists hands per hour information like stakes, wins, rake gifts etc. of every match of every user.

T_INVESTIGATION: This is the principal dining table for shooting the poker evaluation team’s findings on a user and his activities on the webpage and helps for fraud and collusion control.

T_Wallet_Transaction: This table displays all of user’s RealMoney transactions such as purchases, currencies, bonuses etc..

T_BONUS_RULE: This key table that captures various promotional bonus schemes setup in the System.

T_TOURNAMENT: It presents information concerning the every tournament played on the website, like time, type of tournament, dining table name etc..

The poker database is an extremely essential component of the gambling platform. It takes a dedicated team to firstly design the poker database and manage and maintain it 24/7. It provides absolute inputs to each of teams from transaction administration, customer service and fraud control too. In case the system has a back pack, it’s the poker database.

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