How to Use an Odds Calculator to Win More Money in Online Poker

Do you make use of a poker odds calculator?

I sure hope . Odds are a CRUCIAL part of successful money at online poker. Here are some only a couple manners that an odds calculator could QUICKLY and EASILY Enhance your sport:


The largest error made by most card-players is playing TOO MANY HANDS. By way of instance, tell me in case that notion has ever crossed the head…

“It’s well worth calling the flop although I have bad cardsbecause everybody knows, I might grab three-of-a-kind… or 2 group… or something quite good!”

Each and every poker player has had this thought from time to time. Even the pros.

However, the challenge is, believing like this will allow one to LOSE MONEY at the long term. And the reason is because of the ODDS. Even though you might make a”great hand” after in most twenty flops, the additional curricular hands will probably cause you to lose MORE money than you ever earned.

But here’s what:

The right odds calculator will reveal EXACTLY how strong or weak your beginning will be… predicated over the PERCENTAGE and will reveal to you the appropriate”Sklansky Starting Hand Group”. This indicates will that you may IMMEDIATELY know just how good your hands is, even the moment the cards are coming outthere.

By way of example, at a 10-man table pocket Aces comes with a hand rank of 100 percent and can be GROUP inch. Pocket two includes a hands position of 63.3%, which can be in GROUP 7. (This can be for hands into the lake )

But let’s be honest… understanding how”very good” those hands are is EASY. That you don’t need a chance calculator for it.

However, let me ask you, which of THESE fingers you imagine gets got the highest”Hand Rank”?

A.) Queen-9 suited
B.) Ace-5 satisfied
c.) Jack-10 satisfied
d.) Ace-Queen offsuit

(Here’s a tip… the strongest hand is NOT choices”b” or”d”…)

Give up? Are you really amazed that A-Q was not the most powerful? Well, that is just ONE of the ways an odds calculator might be incredibly beneficial… you’ll understand the specific hand advantage right a way and could make an even more educated (translation = MORE PROFITABLE) conclusion prior to the flop.


Since you probably know,”workouts” are cards that will help improve your own current hand.

For example, let’s say you’re holding 56 and the flop happens 3-4-Q. This usually means you want either a two or a seven to make a direct…

Since there are four two and four seven in the deck, so you have EIGHT OUTS.

Odds calculators will reveal to you exactly how many workouts you have in any given time… and also give you exactly the PERCENTAGE chance you have to getting these. In addition, a REALLY fantastic likelihood calculator may”break down it” by just about every hand…

By way of example, from the event above with the straight draw, let’s state you ALSO needed a spade flush draw. This usually means you have a lot more than 8 workouts, considering that one more spade will enable youpersonally.

Premium odds calculators will reveal to you the exact percentage chance you will might have of creating the right, the exact percentage chance of earning the flush, and also the TOTAL percentage to the two…

This is an immense Time saver foryou . Online poker is fast-paced… plus it’s maybe not practical to sit there and perform advanced calculations along with long division as you’re trying to make a choice.


Back in Texas Holdem poker, placement is all. You want to engage in MORE hands-on good placement along with FEWER fingers with negative positioning. It’s very easy.

The likelihood calculator I recommend allows you to ADJUST your starting hand preferences depending on which you’re sitting in the table. For instance, in the event that you’re on the button (the trader position, which is the ideal placement to become ), the program will automatically place the”Hand Rank Requirement” to 50 percent…

. . .So in case you pick up a hand that comes with a Hand Rank LOWER than 50%, it is going to recommend which you fold.

However, if you are UNDER THE GUN (the player to the remaining enormous blind, that’s the worst position to become ), the application will immediately place the”Hand Rank Requirement” to 85%… so that the computer software will likely make”tighter” tips as you are in this circumstance.

Be sensible?

Now here’s the True Elegance of the:


Most poker players enhance their knowledge more than YEARS of work, training, and also study. This could be the slow and very debilitating method.

Employing an chances calculator ACCELERATES the learning process dramatically. That is why:

Since you are playing online poker, the more likelihood calculator will compute your likelihood, hand strength, percentage possibility on workouts, etc. You may utilize this advice, create superior decisions, and earn more income.

Subsequently here’s what’s going to transpire…

In a matter of weeks, then you’ll find your self”realizing” the odds and hands intensity WITHOUT looking at this software! It will eventually become”pure” to you… as you’ll be viewing the very same kinds of hands frequently.

Clearly, you may still desire to use the odds pc software for the more advanced level calculations.

But You Will Be AMAZED when you sit down at the poker table along with your buddies, see the flop, Then churns out:

“He comes with an 1 9% possibility of creating the flush on the lake ”

Your friends will feel you’re a poker ace! Because the facts is, understanding about the likelihood ISN’T about learning the most MATH… it truly is about SEEING along with PLAYING together with the amounts before you regularly sufficient.

This really is how the pros do it… and also this really is how YOU may perform it together with the perfect tool.


Fundamentally, the point would be to reach a decision about WHAT YOU SHOULD DO IN A GIVEN SITUATION… BASED ON THE ODDS.

You and I both know that”odds” are only a PART of the overall game. They may be described as a BIG part, however they are still merely part. There’s bluffing strategies, gambling styles, and several different aspects that could affect your conclusions…

Now I want to show you the odds calculator I use when I play online poker. It’s called”Texas Calculatem”. One of many great things is that it gives you”odds-based” recommendations…

To put it differently, it simply take the workouts, ratios, percentages , number of players, starting up hands strength, and also whatever else… compile it completely… then spit out a”conclusion” on exactly what you ought to do.

Therefore as you’re playing on line poker, then this application will operate close to the bottom of the screen and say something such as,”Check” or”Fold” or”Call Unraised Only” or”Raise and Re-Raise”… etc on.

And here’s why I like Texas Calculatem really much:


Texas Calculatem allows you to adjust your”style” according to your own preferences and table strategy.

For example, let’s say you are playing a 10-player Sit and Go. But initially that you want to play extremely tight as you only want to SURVIVE because the additional players commence knocking themselves out (all things considered, Sit and Go’s cover out for the top 3 finishers, therefore there is absolutely no need to hazard lots of chips at the beginning).

So what I do is put the”Pre-Flop Slider” to some exact tight feeling.

BUT… when you DO play with a hand in the early phases of your Sit and Go, you want to engage in it AGGRESSIVELY. Particularly supposing it is a really good hand including a high pocket pair. Because the simple fact isthere certainly are a lot of”loose manics” at the Sit and Go’s that will call anything… so you want to maximize your chip stack by making use of them.

So in this situation, I put the”Post-Flop Slider” to a more competitive setting.

You see, using Texas Calculatem you can adjust every one of those settings with out affecting the opposite. And you’re able to correct them mid-game or any moment you want (I fix mine back into more usual levels when it becomes right down to 6 players in the Sit and Go).

Needless to say, it’s the very same manner with Ring Games as well as other tournaments. At a four-player ring match I love to play lots of starting hands and harshly”bully” my competitions… therefore I fix the sliders to the looser and much more competitive configurations and”Bam!” … the app adjusts its computations automatically.

AND… do this…

Texas Calculatem immediately corrects each one the odds and tips centered on HOW MANY PLAYERS have reached the table. In ring games individuals are continuously getting up, sitting out, arriving from, etc.. . And in Sit and Go’s gamers are being eliminated. All this tends to make it puzzling to figure out which hands to play along with the way you can play them.

Calculatem corrects every-thing AUTOMATICALLY. You don’t have to input anything. It”detects” every thing by itself.

Speaking of discovery… that’s Something Different that you Will Need to be aware of:

You can find some KEY FEATURES which make a chance calculator a rather efficient instrument. But ironically, MOST ODDS CALCULATORS have no such attributes!

For instance, most odds calculators make you”manually” typein exactly what your cards will be… exactly what the flop cards are… and so on.

This makes no sense. After allyou can do the math faster than that!

Texas Calculatem was designed in a way that requires NONE of your time or energy. It automatically”joins” into a poker match also detects your cards along with the cards onto the table (from your flop, turn, and river). You merely sit back and center on the game.

Obviously Texas Calculatem will not see your OPPONENTS cardsthough… since that information is completely procured by this match. (That sure would make things simpler, Ms.?)

One other good characteristic that Calculatem has is named”Fold Depth”. This ostensibly utilizes”human logic” to produce the odds computations more accurate. For example, let us say the flop came out 7-7-3 and also two players folded.

Texas Calculatem”knows” that neither of those two people folded both. (Duh! ) )

The reason why for this is necessary is since it impacts each one the ADVANCED calculations from there ahead. Utilizing the”human perception “,” Texas Calculatem is aware of a accurate percentage of WHERE both sevens are… too together with of the different cards in the deck.

The end result is really a program that is much superior and more useful than some on the industry. The truth is that I’ve definitely just”scratched the top” of most of features which Texas Calculatem has… and all of the methods it can help you win more money at online poker.

Frankly , the question is not whether or not you want a chance calculator…

The question is: How can you afford NOT to use one?

The cold hard fact is that a number of one’s opponents WILL be using Texas Calculatem… which gives them the IMMEDIATE ADVANTAGE in the tables.

If you’re just planning to play poker for”play money”, then I guess it’s OK. But if you should be searching for REAL MONEY, then you want to down load Texas Calculatem to your computer TODAY. With no you’re another bass.

The optimal/optimally part is, Texas Calculatem is FREE once you set a fresh account at one of the companion poker rooms.

My desktop was doing Sales/Marketing for thirty + years. I began playing with Texas Hold Em poker around 6 years back and have had some moderate success either in the casinos and online. I launched my site to aid POKER players of levels find the information, posts, and applications they needed to improve their joy of this game. You’re invited to Stop by My Site

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